eShip Canada is 100% owned by Forex | eShip, Inc.,

Formerly Forex Cargo, Inc.

a U.S. based company who pioneered in money remittance and balikbayan services.


Forex | eShip, Inc. established money remittance and balikbayan shipping.


Forex | eShip, Inc. started its online shopping service and rebranded into in 2019.


Forex | eShip, Inc. launched its ecommerce website,

Forex | eShip, Inc. started eShip BPO, Inc. to expand its high-level of customer service to logistics and e-commerce companies.

Forex | eShip, Inc.’s mission is to provide the global market, including in hard-to-reach locations, access to products through our shipping and fulfillment services; while still providing world-class customer service.


Forex | eShip, Inc. expanded its balikbayan shipping service to eShip Canada.